Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Angel of Hope

As the days go on, things sometimes get easier and sometimes they get harder. On one hand, Noah has been gone for a longer period of time and we are getting more and more used to our new life, as much as we don't want to. On the other hand Noah has been gone for longer and it tears me apart to know that the last time I held him, touched him, kissed him, fed him is getting farther and farther away. I miss his smile and his laugh the most. I miss that when you'd tell him "NO", he'd laugh. Scott always said it was because the word "NO" and "NOAH" were too similar and he'd get confused. And that would always make me laugh harder. I also miss that when he'd climb up the stairs he'd stop and look back just to make sure you were standing right behind him watching him and then he'd giggle the rest of the way up, so proud of his amazing fete. 

This holiday season is incredibly hard for us. However, our amazing and generous friends have given us a paver brick at the Angel of Hope statue in Maple Grove. The brick will be engraved with Noah's name and his dates and be placed by the statue in May. The statue is a place for all parents who have lost a child. It will be a place for us to go and remember and honor Noah's memory. Friends and family are coming with us to attend the candlelight ceremony they hold there every year on Dec. 6 at 7pm. I encourage anyone who'd like to join us in honoring Noah's memory as well as the many other children who were taken away from us too soon. The statue is located at the Maple Grove Arboretum right next to the high school at 9400 Fernbrook Lane. They provide candles, but we are asked to bring a white flower to leave at the base of the statue in honor of the Noah. 

Thank you to our incredibly thoughtful friends and family who continue to support us in so many ways. Thank you for all the dinners, the cards, the donations, the prayers, taking us out, keeping us busy etc. I am happy to say that thanks to you all, we have donated $2,000 to SIDS research and $2,000 to Multiple Myeloma research. We will continue to donate to both research funds. The MMRF has made amazing strides in new treatment possibilities thanks to their donations. This one is very important to us since my mom has Multiple Myeloma.

Hugs, kisses and rainbows to my sweet peanut. Miss you and Love you always. 

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  1. I really feel your words are so powerful and are said with such strength. I give you pride, love and so much respect.

    with much love
    Amy and Izabella