Thursday, November 25, 2010


It's been 7 weeks today that my baby has been gone. It's also Thanksgiving. I'm trying as hard as I can to stay positive today that there are things to be thankful for. Although last year it was much easier. I had my baby and that was the greatest thing in the world to be thankful for. It's hard to believe that just one year later, he isn't here. But I can see his smiles in my head and I know he'd want me to be strong and push through, so here goes:

I'm thankful for my unbelievable, thoughtful, amazing husband who exudes much patience with me everyday for all my crazy ways :) 

I'm thankful for my family - they mean the world to me and are my "go to" people when no one else understands.

I'm thankful for my sister for always being able to cheer me up and make me laugh 

I'm thankful for my best friends: Carly, Ang, Laura, Brittany, Jamie and Carrie, and Lisa. Without you I would not have been able to get through these last 7 weeks. You have been there every step of the way to make sure my nails are done, I'm fed, I've laughed, cried, etc. I LOVE YOU!

I'm thankful for old friends who have come back into my life to support me through this horrific time. 

I'm thankful for all the people that went out of there way to be here for us - even those I have never met that sent us donations and gifts. Some people are truly amazing and do selfless deeds for others when they need it most. 

I'm thankful for my hilarious co-workers who have been so understanding and help me get through each day and take my mind off what I'm going through so I can focus on such important things like Caribou Coffee merchandise :) 

I'm thankful for those people that have reached out to us that have also lost a child. Your strength in wanting to help us is so greatly appreciated. Nothing helps more than being able to talk with people that have gone through this before. 

Most of all I am thankful that God gave me my beautiful son 1 year and 3 weeks ago today. He changed my life forever. He brought joy to our lives, love to our hearts, and laughter to our ears. He is my soul mate, my true reason for living. And I know that somehow, someway he will come back to me. I know it won't be the same but his soul will live through us and our future children forever. 

Happy Thanksgiving Noah. We will be visiting you today and bringing you balloons! Your favorite! I miss you and wish you were here to eat all the yummy foods that I know you'd love! Please watch over us today and always. 

Love, Mommy


  1. I'm thankful for you, Jenna. I'll always be here for you. <3

  2. Beautiful, just beautiful. Keep the positive thoughts. I continue to pray for you, Scott and your family every day.
    Mary Sinjem

  3. You are an amazing person to still be gracious and grateful while dealing with such an uncomprehendable loss. God bless you. I don't know you and I just remember Scott from high school and I think of you both everyday. You have an abundance of strength

  4. You have such a positive way of looking at life, even during this horrible times. Your little Noah will come back to you in some unexpected ways! =)
    Best wishes during the Holidays for you both and your little Angel!

    Sylwia Wollenberg