Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays

I thought that I would write to those of you following this blog to say happy holidays and thank you to everyone for your love and support during this especially tough time.

As Jenna posted before, we are very proud and extremely grateful for our friends, family, and even strangers who donated money for SIDS research and to the MMRF. Many of you sent Jenna and I money to pass on to certain donations and we are so happy to say that because of your generosity we raised over $2,000 for SIDS research and $2,000 for Multiple Myeloma research (or donations to the MMRF). Caring people like you are those who make wonderful things happen during such tragic times, and we thank you!

In the process of starting up my new design company nolo creative, LLC, I have decided to dedicate a lot of my talents within my company to give back. I am in the process of partnering up with the MMRF in a unique way people can donate to the organization through my company's work. Stayed tuned... It is an exciting venture I have very high hopes for.

2nd thing is my brother Jeff is working with the March Of Dimes in sponsoring a golf tournament to be held in Connecticut, that will go to support SIDS research and many other donations to help fight these horrible diseases many children are struggling with or have lost their life to. Please stay tuned for more info on this as well. We are looking to throw a tournament in Minnesota too, so any help from people would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all again so much. Its because of our loved ones that we are making it through this.

Scott E. Rogers

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