Thursday, January 6, 2011

Taking a second to look

Recently I find myself taking a quick second to look at things going on in my life and really distinguishing what is important, what is bothering me, what is right, and what I don't need in my life. After going through a traumatic experience you start to think about what is right for "you". Not to sound stubborn but I believe I have to do what's right for myself and my loved ones.

But this isn't just about those who have gone through a horrible experience, rather… it’s for all of you. You should really take a second and look at what's going on around you. What's stressing you out? Who is bothering you? Who is constantly being negative and bringing you down?
You only live once, and in this life surround yourself with those you care about, those who make you happy and finally those who give you strength. Life is too short to settle for anything. Go for something better. Take a chance, speak your mind, and eliminate your stresses. Think positive and help others, as you would expect them to help you.

Anyhow, that’s how I look at life nowadays.



  1. so very true and well said, scott. unfortunately sometimes it takes a traumatic experience like what we've gone through to really put this into practice, because unfortunately we are so well aware of how precious and short life is. i have also decided that i am going to live my life doing things that matter, and focusing on my family and surrounding myself with love. there is no longer room for anything else. i wish we could all go back to those innocent days. :(

    ♥ Noah ♥

  2. I agree Scott! And a good reminder for us all.

    Sylwia Wollenberg