Thursday, January 6, 2011

True Meaning

Today I was thinking about the name Noah and how much I love it. And how sad I am that I won’t get to have a Noah that lives here with us. It took Scott and I a lot time to come up with the name Noah. We could not agree on any names. We even sat in Barnes and Noble one day with the baby name books and each made a list of names we like. We vetoed all of each others names of course. Except Noah. It was the only name we agreed on. We both knew that was going to be his name. It also had special meaning because my mom and Scott's mom were best friends since kindergarten where they went to Noah Wallace Elementary. 

So as I was thinking about all this today I wondered what the meaning of the name Noah is. I found out Noah means comfort + rest. Ummm maybe I should have realized that before I picked the name? Or maybe I did and I just thought, "oh well he'll be a great sleeper then!" I guess he's now a really great sleeper. I just thought that was crazy. 

But as if that isn't enough it gets crazier. You all know how rainbows now remind me of Noah. Even before he died our song was “somewhere over the rainbow” (the Israel Kamakawiwoʻole version). I even remember it coming on a tv show once and I picked Noah up and danced around with  him to it and told him we were going to dance to that song at his wedding. ANYWAYS, I have a point – today I also was looking up the meaning of the word rainbow. For some reason I just wanted to know what it meant. It said “the rainbow is a symbol of the covenant between God and Noah.” It made me smile. :) 

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  1. I stumbled on your blog through facebook. We have a bunch of mutual friends, one day you posted something very catching and I'm pretty sure 300 people 'liked' it. Anyway, I check in on you from time to time, I cry my eyes out, laugh, cry my eyes out, wonder why, cry my eyes out, fear the unknown, cry, and pray like heck- for you, your little family, and Noah. It's silly to assume that somehow I could have an impact on your life without even knowing each other, but maybe you will feel a pang of comfort knowing that even total strangers are praying for you. I keep looking up from this text at what you wrote above about rainbows and your son and I keep repeating 'God and Noah,' 'God and Noah.' You are an inspiration without even wanting the title. Because really life is not about who we are as people when joy, love, and peace is pouring in, life is about what kind of a person you are when, sadness, heartbreak, and pain moves in. Just hold tight little Momma your rainbow needs your reflection to shine. Noah still needs you, he always will. Meanwhile, I'll keep praying, checking-in and perhaps trying to bare a small percentage of your pain. With Love M